2000 Released

Buy our new EP, 2000, on BandCamp for the low price of two dollars. Physical Copies are on the way; if you would like a physical EP, please email as at WesternAffairs@gmail.com
We can probably work something out. We only have one hundred copies so get them while we still have them!


Official EP Release Date

We are excited to announce that the official release date of our new EP will be Tuesday July 10th, 2012. The EP is titled, "2000", view the album art, by our drummer Andrew Monborne, below:

For a sneak peak, listen to "Laura" below:

Alex and Davis <3


studio//ep update #1

As many of may you know, we are currently working on our debut EP, though its release date is still to be determined. Over this past month while we weren't playing shows, we were finalizing our songs for this record and planning just about everything from recording to the distribution of our EP release. Yesterday was our first day of recording at the American University recording studio.  Andrew is starting to record all of his drum parts and we seem to be further ahead of schedule than we planned! American University has an amazing Audio Technology program and to match, excellent recording studios with extensive equipment which we are fortunate enough to record in. We will keep all of you updated about our EP as we make progress this month. Here are a few pictures from yesterday's session:


first post

After 4 full months of playing together we finally decided to make An Official Blog for Western Affairs. That's this site; come here for updates about shows, new music, and other important things pertaining to us. If for some reason you stumbled upon this site and don't know us, we are a 3 piece experimental pop group from Washington DC.  Our sound is best described as dreamy, fuzzy and panoramic, while having a strong presence of vocals and familiar pop hooks. 

Western Affairs is currently working on their debut EP due later this spring. In promotion for the EP, Western Affairs has released two singles:



 Artwork from both singles were designed by our drummer, Andrew Monborne.

Stay tuned for more posts!

Alex, Davis, and Andrew